About Apex


Apex Parks Group is a privately held operating company based in Aliso Viejo, California. We were founded in 2014 when the company acquired 14 Family Entertainment Centers in multiple states, and the Big Kahuna’s water park in Destin, Florida. The company’s goal is to continue to acquire similar family entertainment venues and through investment in people, products, and efficient processes, grow the profitability of each park while maintaining our core values of safety, guest satisfaction, and employee teamwork.

According to a 2011 International Association of Amusement Parks survey, 25% of Americans surveyed visited an amusement park within the last 12 months, with 43 percent of Americans indicating they plan to visit in the next 12 months. Consumers have a desire to get out of the house for fun, but want their entertainment dollars to represent a good value for the entire family. In America, people visit amusement parks nearly 300 million times each year and generate more than $12 billion in revenue.





Our Mission

Apex Parks Group was created to focus on the “new frontier,” the highly fragmented amusement parks, water parks, and family entertainment center space. The company’s mission is to provide a place to escape, have fun, and create memories with friends and family. To achieve this mission Apex has five core beliefs:

  • Safety—The safety of our guests and team members is the most important aspect of our business
  • Team—We work together, develop our skills, take action, and enjoy making a positive difference in the peoples’ lives.
  • Integrity—As a company and as a group of individuals, it is important to be fair, honest, trustworthy, and always “do the right thing.”
  • Quality—Our parks must be consistently clean, friendly, and well-maintained.
  • Guest Satisfaction—We must provide service that delivers more than our guests expect. As an industry leading company, we are committed to excellence, to the communities we serve, and to delivering value that exceeds expectations.